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For the countertop mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar and continue mixing until it melts. Rub the yolks well with the oil, then add them over the egg whites. which we put baking paper and put in the preheated oven. We do the test with the toothpick to check if it is baked.

For the chocolate cream put in a pan on the fire 200 g broken chocolate pieces with 200 ml whipped cream and 30 g butter. Leave it until the chocolate melts then let it cool. Do the same with white chocolate, 200 ml whipped cream and 20 g butter. Let the creams cool for a few hours, then mix them.

We place on a plate the cooled top, the milk chocolate cream and then on the white chocolate one. From the remaining 100g milk chocolate we make figures.

I decorated the cake with chocolate figures and the rest of the whipped cream.

Quick cake without baking

Comments (10)

I can't wait to have the opportunity and get to do it ... I already feel it in my mouth how tasty eeeeee! : P: D

it is not specified anywhere at what temperature it is baked. I have it in the oven for 1 hour and 35 minutes. at a distance of 20 cm from the resistance. and it's still soft. it has a crust on top. but in the middle it's liquid.

Someone should be notified. Okay, normally the temperature is somewhere around 180 degrees C, but. at least we live in the 3rd millennium and the world is buying ovens with the option of temperature regulation. Or at least he knows if the fire must be given loudly or, on the contrary, slowly. It's pretty important. Not the other way around, but it's not a very cheap cake: many ingredients, it takes a long time to be prepared and it's not nice to "miss" it because the recipe doesn't complete it. Really, Dan, what did you do with the cake, after all?

Indeed, I did not specify the oven temperature, for several reasons, the main one being that not many people have such an oven, but also because I do not think that the success of a cake lies in the accuracy of the number of degrees in the oven, but in its quality. If you will allow me, the best oven was my grandmother's, which had no clock, no light, no thermometer. In an oven, however, I never managed her cakes! So the secret lies in something else! And I think it lies in the skill of making a cake and in the soul that the "confectioner" puts. The cakes are always baked at the right heat, if there are no other indications, they are put in the hot oven, and at the end when the goodness in the oven is ready, the fire increases a little so that the cake tans and makes a beautiful face. So the fire is not constant during baking! The fire should help the cake to bake from the inside out. Spor! And if you still have questions, I'm happy to clarify them!

it looks like burnt sugar cream, but it's easier to make because you don't have to put the pot in which it bakes in another bowl with water that doesn't have to boil during baking

Dear Otilia, Thank you very much for the recipe. The cake is indeed a miracle for several reasons. 1. It is very easy to cook and absolutely delicious. 2. When I put the tray with all the mixture in the roll, I was incredulous. the dough and the cream looked strange together, and when I took the cake out of the roll I was very pleased with its appearance. It's a cake that looks like a Spanish cake - flan cake. Thank you again! Catherine

it's a super elegant cake my mother made me my birthday was delicious. by the way post more recipes these are thick

When you have a simple cake then you will vote for yourself as the best

a lot of eggs on this crisis)

as I know when it's ready, I don't have the necessary tools and the oven isn't too good, but it moves a bit in the pan. I tried to put a toothpick and it is clean but I think it is not very well done deeper if it moves like gelatin. It's been an hour in the oven.

Notable guests, at the birthday clock, in the Practical kitchen

For you, the readers, we have invited the well-known chef Horia V & acircrlan (& # 259) Practic (& # 259). I sent her seasonal recipes, from the ones I received at the newsroom, and Horia chose one with & hellip vegetables and found it in her impeccable style.

& bdquoC & # 259ldur & # 259 mare, mon cher & hellip & rdquo, and we, the Practic team (& # 259), help for filming by my colleague Iulian Iacob, photographer at the home magazines & # 259 & # 537i gr & # 259din & # 259, & icircl a & # 537tept & # 259m on Mr. Horia V & acircrlan, with the ingredients ready. No one expresses curiosity in words, but it feels, floats in the air. Although some of us have seen Horia at events before, we have never seen him so close, in flesh and blood.

Photo: Practical Team (& # 259) & icircmpreun & # 259 with fun Horia V & acircrlan & ndash Burda Rom & acircnia

It's one o'clock, and our guest, like a gentleman who respects himself and respects himself, arrives for a minute without hesitation. He brings with him a large bag and a party suit, which he honors and honors by his mastery, whenever he wears it. But what about the big bag? As soon as it is equipped and installed on the work table, Horie open the bag and reveal tools binge & ndash c & acircte & # 537i mai c & acircte! & ndash all professional, placed in an order often. In this way, the master honors the tools that help him make magic out of pieces.
Very determined, he set to work, accompanying his gestures with explanations explaining what is to be done, how he will prepare, prepare and prepare. # 537and prepare each of the vegetables. Horia treats every ingredient with the utmost respect, as if it were an honor that the vegetables had chosen him to cook them. Although the explanations are not contained in detail, chef V & acircrlan I don't see any pans on the stove. Distributive attention works wonderfully, and behind all his gestures is the intention to make an impeccable preparation.
If he is with us, he talks to us, explains to us, teaches us, chef Horia it is present in everything that is made of vessels. Prepared meticulously, the vegetables are waiting to be assembled in a salad. What a surprise! He asks us for a stainless steel ring and puts the vegetables in layers, carefully and carefully. In the blender, grind the parsley and turn it into an appetizing green sauce, which surrounds the salad. It's ready now! The end of the preparation is the moment of glory of any mood. Horia V & acircrlan does not miss it either, and our colleague, Mihai Nicolae, is in a hurry to immortalize his smile of satisfaction.
It's time to take some pictures with Practical team (& # 259), thank you for your anniversary and your honor for finding our pieces, but we ask you questions about them. 259tur & # 259 with future plans. I find out that a new series of shows will start on September 4, & bdquoMy mother g & # 259te & # 537te better & rdquo, which will be broadcast from Monday to Sunday, at 7.30 pm, while & bdquoSuper wax & # 537a on the cake & rdquo It re-starts on September 16 and airs every week at 8:30 p.m.

Photo: Eggplant salad with peppers & # 537i ro & # 537ii & ndash Archive & # 259 Burda Rom & acircnia

Eggplant salad with red peppers

& Icirc & # 539i must for salad & # 259:
1 v & acircn & # 259t & # 259 mare & # 537i sub & # 539ire, care has mai & # 539ine semin & # 539e
2-3 tablespoons oil
2 capsicums
2 ro & # 537ii
1 onion & # 259 ro & # 537ie mic & # 259
2 cloves of garlic
50 g slices of m & # 259sline
3 strands of green basil
1 leg & # 259tur & # 259 p & # 259trunjel
& Icirc & # 539i must for dressing:
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons an apple
salt pepper
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Wash and cut into 5 mm thick slices. Sprinkle the slices with salt and leave them on a wooden bottom for about 30 minutes, until the juice drains. Put them in a plastic strainer, pass them through a stream of cold water and squeeze them carefully by pressing. Fry them a little, on both sides, in the oil. Take them out on absorbent towels.
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Cut the peppers into thin slices or slices, the garlic into slices, and the onion into juliennes. Wash the greens, and after they have drained, cut them into pieces.
Salad slices, eggplant slices, egg cubes, tomato cubes, pepper slices, onions, garlic slices, green slices and greens.
For the dressing, mix the olive oil with an apple, salt and pepper to taste. Season the salad with this dressing.

Article taken from Practic & icircn buc & # 259t & # 259rie no. 09/2017
Photo: Iulian Iacob, Mihai Nicolae Text: Sonia Stanciu

Surprise for you! The video with Horia V & acircrlan can be followed on our Facebook page / Practical & icircn buc & # 259t & # 259rie.

Easter with cream & # 8211 the most delicious recipe

I don't know how many Easter recipes you know and whether or not it's a dessert you make for Easter, but I know about three: the classic recipe with sweet cheese, Easter with rice and, finally, the delicious Easter with cream.

The three recipes appeared in my life after I joined the #futurehubby family, because we weren't used to celebrating Easter.

Before moving on to the actual recipe, I'm thinking of doing a little review of the history of this dessert.

Its name is closely related to the Easter holidays, but in the past it was a dessert whose name was silk and was also known as the bread of the poor.

It was a product obtained from an unleavened dough, made with five types of cereals that the Jews consumed during Easter.

Cheese, cream or other ingredients that we use today, began to be added much later, and this led the dessert to the shape we know today.

I was telling you that once I joined my friend's family, the grandmother of some of his cousins, she used to make Easter every Easter, all three recipes, which fortunately I also managed to have and add to my recipe book.

If at first Easter with rice was my favorite, then cheese with cheese, this has changed since last year when I stained the one with cream.

Last year, for Easter, I prepared it in a small tray with half the ingredients, but the result was exceptional!

I apologize because the photos are not very successful, but they were taken last year when I could only handle my mobile phone. But I hope it helps you get an idea of ​​the goodness and wonderful results I'm talking about.

I think (and I hope) that I made you curious (I hope I am too strange here) already, so I say let's move on to the recipe!

10 dishes that your family will love

Side dishes are often the last thought in my mind, especially during a busy night. But I have a stabilizer of & quot go to & quot recipes that I go back to again and again, because they are easy and my family likes them. Here are my top ten.

This is one of those recipes that you can vary dozens of different ways with different vegetables and salad dressings. I used pumpkin and mushrooms here, but you can also use onions, red peppers, asparagus, eggplant and more. If you have problems with vegetables falling through the grills, free them whole, then cut after the grills.

This is one of those simple recipes that requires very little preparation time, but has an amazing taste. If you want your kids to eat green beans like french fries, try this easy-to-eat recipe.

Broccoli for this recipe is steamed in the microwave, so it's a pretty quick part. To make this recipe easier, use pre-cut, pre-loaded broccoli, which you can find in the products section of the supermarket.

Do you want fake rice without looking at your watch? This rice crockpot is the answer. Use jasmine or basmati rice for the fastest results (it will take 1-1 / 2 to 2 hours) or converted rice, if you want to give it 4 hours or so.

Kale is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber, which makes it a super healthy recipe for children. And this preparation for kale is not only easy, but also incredibly tasty. The cold chews the ham and makes it crispy.

This is one of those dishes that I often make for potlucks, and people always want the recipe. The combination of crispy, creamy, sweet and salty is amazing. To save time, use pre-cut broccoli flowers and pre-cooked bacon for this light dish.

This hearty dish has a lot of flavors that I love: potatoes, butter and cheese. But it also has good cauliflower for you and tastes great. Save time in preparing this recipe by purchasing pre-chopped cauliflower.

This is one of those dump-and-stir recipes that is pretty easy for a five year old. Really! The only thing a kindergarten could not do to prepare corn pudding is put it in the oven.

This is one of the most favorite sweet potato recipes. The sweet potatoes are fried, then mixed with melted cheese, butter, maple syrup and vanilla. Although the recipe calls for a bacon topping, this dish is just as great without it.

Do you want to make sure your fluffy cakes always come out? Here are the five secrets you need to know

If you've been through the experience of a cake tray dipped in the pan, you know what I'm talking about. Instead of a miracle pandispan coming out, fluffy like a sponge, yours was flat and sluggish. Here's what you need to know next time so you don't go wrong with the cake.

Experiences can sometimes be disappointing in the kitchen. The last failure for me was choux pastry or, in Romanian, profiterole donuts. Instead of some fluffy bugs, I woke up with some flattened discs (tasty, to be honest) in which there was no way to stuff the cream. I wondered where I went wrong because I followed the recipe exactly as in the book. I realized that out of the 5 key points for successful pastry, I could only tick one.

1. Respect the recipe. Pastry and confectionery are not made by sight. I'm an exact science even if you don't believe it. A few tens of extra grams of flour, butter too soft or too hard, whites beaten insufficiently, whipped cream too much can ruin the cake. To make sure it comes out perfectly, read the recipe a few times before and follow it step by step.

2. Beware of baking powder or baking soda! The agents that make the cake grow nicely must be of good quality, in terms of validity and in the exact quantity. Too much baking powder can have the opposite effect than you would like. In addition, you can test baking soda in a little hot water. If it does not bubble in the water, it means it has expired and you can throw it away.

3. Do not open the oven door during baking, because you will let cold air in and so the cake will not grow. If you don't have an oven with a glass door or interior lighting, set a kitchen clock to count your baking time.

4. Do not take the cake out of the oven earlier. If the baking time is 30 minutes, do not rush to check the consistency of the cake faster. Be patient and when the time expires, take it out of the oven and test it with a toothpick. If it comes out clean after you stick it in the middle of the counter, it means that the cake is ready.

5. Allow the cake to cool in the pan. I know, you may be looking forward to seeing the result. One of the reasons why the pond loses volume is the fact that you try to detach it faster from the walls of the tray. Some cakes need a cooling time in the container in which they were baked or on a grill to avoid the formation of condensation at the base.


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Ruben Perju, Co-founder Noah: & # 8220We target the foreign market with both wooden clocks and an automatic clock & # 8221

Passionate about architecture and design, Ruben Perju founded Noah's business in 2013, together with his lifelong friend, Iosif Harasemiuc. The two, Forbes 30 under 30 alumni, now have as their main goal the opening to the outside, launching both wooden watches and an automatic watch internationally. & # 8220 What we want for Noah is to be more and more present on the Romanian market and beyond. Right now we are working on several internationalization projects and we are targeting the foreign market, both with wooden clocks and with an automatic clock that we are working on. (& # 8230) We really want to put Romania, as much as we can afford, on the world map of watchmaking. We have determination, we have the passion and strength to do this, so that in a few years we can look back and see that it is worthwhile. t & # 8221, explains Ruben Perju, Co-founder Noah.

In 2018, the watch manufacturer launched the hybrid version of the first smartwatch in the brand's portfolio, in a dynamic market and ready for change. Currently, the market is constantly evolving. & # 8220We hear more and more about initiatives in this area of ​​production, customization, promotion of this field in Romania, which makes me happy, and I think we are on a launching pad, a more modest ramp that has potential & # 8221 . And, of course, the local industry has optimistic prospects. & # 8220 If we educate people to support all these entrepreneurial actions in the field of watchmaking, I think that in a few years we can see beautiful results to be proud of, and not only within the limits of our country, but also abroad. & # 8220, points out Ruben Perju.

Last year, Noah joined the fight against coronavirus and focused on producing visors for medical staff. In April 2021, NOAH released a limited edition of 80 songs dedicated to Nae Zamfir.

Reasons not to use your mobile phone as an alarm clock

1. Reduces sleep quality

There are several studies that show that using a cell phone before and during sleep changes patterns and sleep quality. The problem lies, in principle, in the temptation to use the phone at the slightest sign of insomnia.

We know from studies that the blue light on the screen of a mobile phone can reduce the secretion of melatonin, which is responsible for regulating sleep and wakefulness.

2. You are exposed to electromagnetic fields

These are electromagnetic fields present in solar radiation, electrical wires, medical tests (such as MRIs) and technological devices. Although the levels of magnetic fields are mentioned as safe for the body (according to ICNIRP international guidelines), it has been shown that there is a relationship between sleep disorders and exposure to these fields, natural or artificial.

This is due to overexposure, as other appliances in the house emit radiation, which can lead to symptoms such as: insomnia, fatigue or lack of concentration, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea and dizziness.

3. It is not suitable for your mental health

There is a relationship between using a mobile phone at night and lack of sleep which leads to depression and anxiety, as several studies show. Temporary or permanent interruption of night rest cycles can affect mental health.

In fact, depression is a distinctive symptom of smartphone addiction. As with other types of addictions, the sufferer is not conscious. The growth of social networks has led to chronic addiction to mobile devices.

4. It is not the best option for your visual health

Light on mobile screens can trigger a number of symptoms that limit visual health: blurred vision, eye fatigue, focus problems, redness and dryness are just some of the disadvantages of using the device in low light or bright light.

5. You may not hear the alarm

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night thinking it's time to go to work? Generally, this happens when there is no trust in the device, either because you are afraid that you have not heard it, or because you doubt that you have set the alarm clock correctly. By mistake, many people adjust the sound of their smartphones before going to sleep, in principle to avoid annoying notifications. This can determine whether or not you hear the alarm.

6. The battery can be discharged

The phone's battery can be discharged, so it doesn't ring anymore, so you don't hear the alarm. It happens quite often to fall asleep with the phone battery discharged due to intensive use. If you accidentally leave the phone on, it may discharge during the night and the alarm may not be activated.

Anniversary in the hospital for Valentin Uritescu, with cake

His wife took Valentin's birthday cake. He knows how much he likes sweets and goodies. "Transylvanian as he is and as the world knows him, he was always a gourmet. He has remained an unparalleled glutton, although he has days when he does not eat much. Take two or three tablespoons and you're done! But he likes the idea of ​​having one, another, especially his favorite dishes! I'm going to the hospital today with Bogdan, our son, the other actor in the house, we're taking him cake! ”, The woman added.

Taking care of her husband on the hospital bed, Valeria Uritescu is happy that her fans have not forgotten her. "I stopped his phone with me, because you don't know when a call catches you. There may be an hour or two quieter, happier, perhaps, and then he will sink into himself, into his inner demons. In that state, indescribable to me, and which has ruled him for several years, by the way, from now on.



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