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Canned eggplant in tomato juice

Canned eggplant in tomato juice

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While I was on vacation I did some work in the kitchen, so I don't get out of hand :) I take it worse with the pictures, because I don't have it during the "technological process".

For starters I want to show you a can that can be used in winter, after adding some onions and possibly meat, as a very tasty food.

I have been doing it for a few years and it is a very good alternative to eggplants baked and preserved in the freezer.

  • 3-4 kg of eggplant, how small do you find (I took 10-15 cm eggplant from the garden)
  • juice from 5 kg of tomatoes (if it remains, either preserve it or use it in a tomato soup)
  • salt

Servings: 5

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Canned eggplant in tomato juice:

  1. Wash the wines and cut them in half, then each half in 2-3 strips. If you want you can peel the eggplant.

  2. Put the eggplant in a plastic or glass bowl (because it oxidizes) and mix well with salt. Leave them covered for 4-5 hours with a lid over which you put a weight. In this way the bitter juice comes out of the eggplant.

  3. Make tomato juice using the special machine that separates the pulp from the seeds and peels. If you don't have one, simply mix them well in a blender (after you have cleaned them of the tail and other dirt)

  4. Bring the tomato juice to a boil and leave it until it thickens a little (about 30 minutes from the time of boiling).

  5. Drain the eggplant juice and scald them in slightly salted water for about 1 minute, until slightly softened.

  6. Drain the eggplant and put them in 800 g jars without pressing too hard, to make room for tomato juice.

  7. Pour the tomato juice up and close the lids tightly.

  8. Boil the jars in water for about 1 hour. How is this done? Because this time the jars are hot, they are not put in cold water. Heat some water. In a large and taller pan put a layer of 5-6 sheets of newspaper. Put the jars on top. Pour hot water to cover 2/3 of the height of the jars. Cover with a large lid.

  9. Boil on low heat for 1 hour when it starts to boil.

  10. Allow the jars to cool in water until the next day.

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the ingredients are about 5 jars of 800 g.

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